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Credence Edutech – A Brief Introduction

Credence Edutech

Credence Edutech is an education management company, headquartered in Mumbai. The company specializes in turnkey school projects in K12 segment. Our key offerings include Consulting in school set up, Curriculum Design and Implementation, Operational Consulting and On-going management of international standard schools. In its existence since 2012, the company has established 9 international schools across Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh (Including Delhi Public School Aurangabad; Faith Foundation Global School Dewas; Arihant International Academy, Chhindwara) and is on its way to expand its footprints pan India. The organization is managed by a professional team with over 25 years of combined experience in education sector.

Associate School Concept Credence Edutech offers a complete business format structure in the K-12 School domain. The unique Associate School Concept provides individuals with complete know-how to build and operate a successful School.

What Credence Edutech offers to its partner schools ?

 best School franchise In india International Curriculum:

A scientifically developed and well researched curriculum designed to help children receive a 21st century education in real classroom which is a unique blend of an International Curriculum endorsed by Cambridge University UK, Digital content on Apple Digital Platform & Value Based Curriculum of Indian Origin.

best high School franchise In india Teacher Training and Development:

A dynamic teacher training & enhancement program which equips the teachers to deliver the NextGen Curriculum efficiently & effectively.

high School franchise In india Teaching Aids and Equipment:

Consulting and execution of a wide array of teaching aids and equipment which help in taking a leap ahead in the student learning & development.

best School franchise In School Management Software:

Exhaustive school management software for effective
management of all school operations and efficient coordination between Students, Parents, Teachers & School Administration.

School franchise In india Architectural Design Advisory:

Operational advisory on Concept, Design, Layout & Construction of School Infrastructure.

Technical Advisory:

Technical Advisory on Board Selection, Site Selection, Market Research & Other Liaison Operations.

Values and mindset in kids


At Credence we make sure that learning does not limit to academic excellance in our schools, though it is an important parameter like learning circle, appreciation, behavior management.
So that, values are inculcated in the students and they show these values in day to day life too. Values guide one in choosing between right and wrong and that is the much required skill in life.


You must have seen the weird statements made by many people including politicians. You have reflections on people around you. Our focus is to make pupils thinkers so that they can think and decide what’s wrong and what’s right. The mindset doesn’t come in one day. It takes time. And we give time and ask our mentors to stand with the kids in the process. We make sure that the future of India is in safe hands and nurtured properly.

Why Credence?

One can be jack of all but not Ace. We all have some area we have excellence in. But, for other operations other people hold that excellence. Well in establishing educational institutes (predominantly School) Credence holds that expertise. Credence is the baby which is the favorite of some but going to be of many educational institutes. Long story short credence makes it possible for companies in establishing their dream project without taking all the pains. Give all your pains to credence and we will turn them into excellence. That’s credence for you. That’s what credence does. You must be wondering why only credence. Your pursuit might end after next sentence. We might not be the best in the world, but we know one thing for sure that our team will complete work as of ‘the best in the world or might be better’. We will not give you just structures but a working model with all amenities and best in class services. We are also looking forward to break clichés like rote learning and introducing more pragmatic approaches of learning. Want to know more shoot us an e-mail.

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