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Setting up a school in India is a tedious process which involves multiple variables and processes. Apart from the government approval and sanctions, the whole process of school set up involves various stages and at each stage different domain expertise is required to make some critical decision which has long term financial implication for the school. Thus each of this these decision needs expert guidance and industry specific inputs. This is where Credence Edutech steps in as a partner with any Trust, Company or an Individual who intends to set up a world class international school across the geography of the nation.

Credence comes on board with you as a consultant to help you make an informed decision based on years of experience and insights into each aspect of school's functioning. Depending on the location of the school, variable and their impact changes. We offer a research based process to come to a decision in all cases with data and historical instances as a reference point.

We will be happy to connect with you to understand your project requirements and offer you an exclusive and customized service. Feel free to reach out to us at for more details.