Credence International School (CIS)

CIS is a group of International schools operated by Credence Edutech since 2012. Having started 8 Greenfield and Brownfield projects, Credence Edutech is on its mission to build a constructive educational eco-system that helps students have a purpose driven life. Also helping them to positively contribute to the society at large.

CIS gives to the students a platform for holistic growth and development by nurturing their inherent strengths and by guiding them on a path of excellence through technology enabled experiential and practical education.

At the heart of our brand is a curriculum that is internationally acclaimed and centrally focused on reinforcing concepts and providing a scholastic fundament of learning through first-hand skills and thematic delivery mechanism. Students are taught different themes through Experiential learning tools.

Whereby every student is given hands on experiments to perform, observe, and explore the boundaries of doubt much before they go to a textbook to read about the topic. This experiential learning mechanism is parallelly supported by technology enabled tools to deliver the concepts in the most engaging and invigorating ways possible.

Educators, at Credence, help students to build their own perspective about everything around them; by guiding them with the help of new and innovative methods to explore various concepts that help them explore, research and understand the same. Teachers are more of mentors to the students and provide help when it is needed. Thus, learning at Credence is not about “What is to be learnt?”; it’s about “How to learn?” – today, tomorrow and for the rest of their life.

Teachers are trained in such a way that they not only educate, but also let the students bring forth their methods and ways to the class. Students are given the liberty to explore the areas of learning through their own growth, more so the

teachers foster their curiosity and help them progress on a path of self-exploration and self-learning.

CIS has designed infrastructure that supports not only classes but also generates an open environment to knowledge for students. Enhanced modern classrooms, with Wi-Fi & digital media that make learning more interesting and interactive, give students renewed open perspectives. Students being different as they are, have different methods and ways of learning and perceiving. They are given the access to technology that makes information easily accessible and comprehendible. Controlled access to the Interweb opens doorways to different types of learning. iPads, Apple TV, and other education based technologies are used to digitally enhance learning.

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