The Credence Legacy 

The Credence  Legacy

A concept such as Credence had to come from someone who loves children and Gurukul values equally. Pujya Ganivarya Nayapadmasagarji Maharaj Saheb is one such visionary who truly dreams of a day when our kids would achieve balance in their lives. So an idea to launch a chain of schools that would impart a complete and true education along with true human values was born in his divine soul.

He believes that when true human values like non-violence, love for all mankind, and the likes are blended with teaching in schools, they create an amazing mix of information along with wisdom. Such education can create informed individuals who are also equipped with a sense of responsibility towards mankind.

While travelling to various places in a span of eight years, he called upon the society to take steps towards achieving this vision. It was in 2012 that Maharaj Saheb formed a core professional team that he felt was just right for the task. This team shared his zeal towards education and empathized with his idea of blending modern education with the human values system. The team comprising of the Fantastic Four of education sector with three decades of collective experience, then took off to realize Saheb’s vision.

Our Mentor  

He is a learner at heart. Despite being a much revered Guru, he is always ready to embrace more learning and more change. A devotee of Mahaveer Jain, he is a champion of peace and believes in spreading the message of love and non-violence.

Pujya Ganivarya Nayapadmasagarji Maharaj Saheb, our mentor, and Guru is the man behind our energy. Credence was conceived in his mind and took birth in his heart. Maharaj Saheb wanted Credence Education to become a means to begin the process of enlightenment in the world. It is possible through developing a whole new generation of informed individuals who would control the technology through knowledge of their roots.

“At Credence Education, we have made honest efforts to instill the human and cultural values in the children’s hearts, in a language that they understand along with modern International education system.”