Kidzonia PreSchool 

Kidzonia International PreSchool

The uniqueness in every star in the sky is what makes the horizon a perfection. Likewise, our toddlers are unique and special in their own way. With their ever-evolving curiosity and zeal, they will brighten the future in a way never done before.

Kidzonia International PreSchool celebrates this uniqueness in every child and is committed to nurture their curiosity and make learning a life-long process to explore new horizons with every passing day.

With a mission to establish International Standard Pre-Schools which offer a safe, healthy, and intellectually motivating environment for nurturing and shaping the young minds, Kidzonia International PreSchool aspires to establish itself as a global brand with its presence across the globe.

With its scientifically developed proprietary curriculum, developed on the basis of globally accepted Multiple Intelligences Theory, Kidzonia International PreSchool provides an enriching learning experience to the tiny tots and enhances their critical thinking skills and reasoning ability.

Every child is unique, and so is the way it shines. With a curriculum that is ‘child-centered’, teachers assist toddlers to use their differences and uniqueness in achieving greater heights. At Kidzonia International PreSchool, we focus on reinforcing concepts and building a scholastic base of the toddler through first-hand activities, exploration, demonstrative learning that brings them closer to understanding the ‘what, why & how’ of every concept.

Living in a techno-savvy generation, the power of technology and the internet to transform the way we learn cannot be ignored. We provide a digital platform of learning to the toddlers like having them use iPads for interactive activities or games to understand the concepts easily and fun. This way, we make learning not only fun but also engrossing. While most of the parent in modern society are concerned about children’s addiction to electronic gadgets, we see it as a boon for kids to explore new horizons and have devised a whole host of learning apps on the tablets which convert the time spend on these gadgets as the most productive and enriching experience through the day.

Our team of educators at Kidzonia International PreSchool is not only experienced and qualified but also regularly trained to provide to the toddlers an aura of enthusiasm and fun that helps their holistic growth.

Kidzonia International PreSchool is a brand of Credence Edutech, the umbrella organization that offers a wide range of services ranging from Pre-Schools, High Schools, School Management Services, K12 Consulting, Teacher Training, and Procurement Services and is committed to transforming the way education is perceived in our society. With the help of regularly trained teachers and the non-teaching faculty, every toddler is given home-like care. The toddler made to feel comfortable and enthusiastic towards learning. Maintaining this enthusiasm is our responsibility. Therefore, toddlers are taught different topics through quality teacher-student interaction. This helps toddlers find the confidence to answer and question their doubts. When a child is curious regarding any topic or

idea, it shows an interest that needs to be further encouraged. Thus, the teachers at Kidzonia International PreSchool make sure to be mentors to the little stars and guide them towards finding answers. Teaching concepts through themes and in everyday Experiential learning and creating an environment that provides gaining first-hand information by participating in various activities, games, creative projects and exploration programs.

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Our preschool curriculum DISCOVER has been designed by amalgamating the unpretentious values of Indian values with the competence of Montessori methods of preschool education. We at Kidzonia International understand the significant role of preschool education which plays a vital role in shaping a child’s mental and physical being. Thus, we ensure that we provide the best.

Kidzonia’s curriculum DISCOVER is based on active and experiential learning. An optimum teacher-student ratio ensures the effective implementation of this activity-based curriculum.

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Teachers look after the toddlers to help them in whatever way needed. the teacher keeps a watchful eye on every toddler and through observation fosters learning in them through different ways whichever being best for that toddler.

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Kidzonia International PreSchool has infrastructures that support not only classes but also generate an open environment to knowledge for kids. Enhanced traditional classrooms with digital mediums that make learning more interesting and interactive give your astral renewed, open perspectives. Toddlers being different as they are, have different methods and ways of learning and perceiving. They are given access to technology that makes gaining information easily accessible. Games that keep toddlers linked to lessons that enhance their understanding and drive their
questioning skills. Controlled access to the Interweb opens doorways to different types of learning. iPads, Apple TV, and other education-based technologies are used to enhance learning…

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