Management  Contracts

The Model

Credence Edutech partners with various Edupreneurs across the nation through various structuring models. One of such offering is operating schools under different brands names on a management contract basis.

Who can Partner with Us?

Existing School Owners

This is a unique service offering which is an innovative business structure whereby an existing school management can choose to partner with us in order to upgrade their school and revamp the entire product offering and brand image, while retaining their existing brand name.

Real Estate Developers / Land Owners

Any real estate developer or an individual land owner in any part of the country who wants to venture into education space but doesn't intend to engage in the day to day function of the school can partner with us to take advantage of a world class product offering, international curriculum and well established Standard Operating Processes (SOPs) for school management and operations.

The Consideration

Credence Edutech against all its services and know how shall charge a percentage of the revenue collected by the school as its service fee along with a one time license fee. This percentage may vary from city to city and project to project.