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School Management Solutions

Credence really is a one-stop solution for school management. Call it Semitism, but we wish to build outstanding schools of global stature and we are doing this on war-footing.

We are committed to providing complete support to schools to implement world-class educational programs for students. Our team consists of professionals who bring along a unique combination of investment experience, academic domain knowledge, and operations expertise in the Education sector.

Our support structure sprawls over all possible aspects that influence various factors right from conceptualization to completely establishing a unique school that caters to all needs for the nextgen education. 

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All our projects are aimed at producing the best outcomes in terms of turnover as well as the optimal use of resources. Our operations matrix is divided into three stages Inception of Concept, Development of Concept, and Implementation of Concept.


We leverage our core competencies to focus on a strong foundation. The inception of every project bonds with the necessary planning across domains, like market planning, design planning, and organizational planning.


Market planning includes the selection of the best site after a thorough research done with expertise. A site where every child can get an e, happy, and rewarding school atmosphere, as a part of the investment we are seeking to establish a school for the next generation.

Market Research

Site Selection

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Design planning includes school infrastructure and IT infrastructure planning. We believe that a truly international school needs a world class modern infrastructure to facilitate a quality learning environment. Modern school architecture is not just about the facade and the building, it also has to do a lot more with the finer aspects of engineering and the environment in the classroom which contributes positively to a child’s learning process. Our team of architects behind the process has designed more than 300 schools across different geographical locations in India and abroad.

Structural Design Advisory

School Layout Design Advisory

IT Infrastructure Design

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It includes the formation of proper organization of skilled and dedicated personnel. We help schools recruit the right the right board members as the board are essential for a new school’s success. We ensure the shortest possible timeframe and smoothest journey to certification with a focus on quality, delivery, and compliance.

Organizational Structuring

Trust/Society Formation

Board Selection

Govt. Norms & Compliance Advisory

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After the strong foundation, it’s time to build the pillars of strength. It is at this stage when a building is transformed into an institution. We organize this transformation of the concept into a functioning organization.


The curriculum is the backbone of any educational institution. Its implementation depends upon how well everyone understands this. We not only provide guides of curricula but also operations and implementation manuals with it, which provide a complete description for the implementation of the curricula.

– Curriculum Guides
– Operations Manual

We let the world know about your arrival, we take care of marketing campaigns, communication design & print collaterals. A dedicated team of sales, marketing and operational experts provides functional expertise and know-how of the business development. Along with Marketing & Communication Design, a parallel process for parent counseling and student admission is undertaken.

– Marketing & Communication Design
– Admissions

ERP solution for school management is one of our USPs; we provide an integrated school management software for efficient monitoring of various academic and operational functions of the school. We also take the responsibility of designing and developing an innovative and unique website for the school.

– ERP Solution for School Management
– School Website

Starting from planning school policies to its step-wise implementation, our team of experts is continuously supporting you in terms of admissions, academics, and all administrative functions. Admission Policy would mainly be decisions about the fee structure & procedures. Academic Policies would comprise of Curriculum, Assessment Patterns, etc. All these are the most important and turbulent areas, which need proper expertise to handle.

We extend you a helping hand while acquiring assets for the school. We ensure delivery through trustworthy sources and formulate procurement procedures to acquire school assets.

– Admissions
– Accounting Policies & Manual
– Administration Policies & Process Manual
– Procurement

Building a creative and collaborative pedagogical leadership team that understands and works to accomplish the school objectives is critical for every new school. We undertake the entire process of hiring the school leadership consisting of the Principal, Coordinators, Department Heads, and teachers. Post recruitment, each of the staff member onboard has to undergo a scientifically designed exhaustive training program which covers various aspects of running and managing a world-class school. We also have a program to help teachers acquiring the tools to be effective in a classroom and to incorporate them into their teaching-learning practices.

– Staff Recruitment
– Staff Training
– HR Policy Manual


After the development of the concept, implementation is the next phase. We have experts who work with you and your team to support you at every step with the implementation.


We offer an extensive range of Teacher Training Modules covering important areas of school requirements.

The modules are deliberately planned to the specific needs of the curriculum and are designed to provide hands-on experience about latest technology and implement best practices.

Various workshops will be designed from time to time for providing them a deep understanding of new concepts and the application of these in the classroom.

– Curriculum Implementations
– On Job Staff Training


As you continue to discover better ways of expanding your school, we’re standing by to help you achieve your goals and maintain the highest standards for educational excellence.

As you continue to discover better ways of expanding your school, we’re standing by to help you achieve your goals and maintain the highest standards for educational excellence.

We provide you continuing support pertaining to administrative, operation, and appraisal activities.

– Operations Management
– Quality Checks
– School/Student Database Maintenance
– HR Operations
– Accounts & MIS Reporting
– Day to Day Administration
– Financial & Operational Audits

Education Consultancy 

Our objective in offering education consultancy is to be able to positively influence the existing teaching system in schools. This is a service we offer to existing schools that are in dire need of managing or improving any aspect of school management.

In some schools, we may step in for staff training designed exclusively for schools. In others, we may help in the day-to-day administration of the school. You name it and we are happy to help you.

With a combined experience of 25 years of our team, Credence is well-equipped to handle, guide, manage any kind of education need.

Teacher Training & Empowerment 

Are your teachers ready to take a back-seat and let the child learn on his own? Are they willing to facilitate learning instead of instructing? Credence caters to these questions by changing the entire outlook of teachers towards learning and teaching.

We have a comprehensive Training Programme which addresses the need for changing the orientation of teachers. Credence has an international training program that introduces teachers to an entirely different world of facilitation of learning.

The teachers get exposure to know how their counterparts in the West and East are adapting to the changing world.

We have short-term and on-going training programmes and we are excited to mold our modern teachers into becoming better facilitators.

Curriculum Support

– Which is a better question?
– How should your child learn?
– Or how does your child`s brain process learning?

That`s exactly how our curriculum is designed. We follow the scientific method of how the brain best learns and processes information.

Objectives of  Credence Curriculum

We understand how each child learns things differently. Some kids are word smart, others are logic smart, still, others are picture smart. Hence, we have recognized the presence of multiple intelligence in our curriculum design. As a result, our curriculum wishes to achieve these objectives-

Physical development

Social/Emotional development

Spiritual development

What Does it mean?

Credence has developed an international curriculum, which caters to all boards namely CBSE, ICSE, and IGCSE in India. Our curriculum has three essential elements.


The blend of human and cultural values embedded in the methodology.

International Primary and Middle Year Curriculum developed by Cambridge University, UK and implemented across 15,000 best global schools worldwide.

A collaboration with Apple which is the best education content developer on electronic platform.